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Image by Elia Pellegrini

Registration will soon be open for the online 'Energetics & Energy Healing Course 2023'   

This is a 4-month online training programme with live zoom classes every second Thursday and video lessons every other Thursday  


Section 1: The Aura

  • Discover what the aura is, each of its different layers, and what impacts it.

  • Learn to identify the different types of aura, allowing you to understand and relate to people in a new way.

  • Identify auric wounds and tears, and know how to heal these.

  • Create an energy hygiene practice to keep your energy field clean, strong, and vital.

  • Recognise the different types of psychic attack and how to separate yourself from these.

  • Discover what attachments and astral parasites are and how they may impact your energetic field.

  • Learn to strengthen your energetic sovereignty on the physical and astral planes.

Section 2: The 7 Major Chakras

  • Find out the location of the 7 major chakras; how they function, their purpose, and how to clear and maintain them correctly. This has a direct impact on one's thoughts, feelings, and physical body.

  • Discern a weak or blown open chakra in both yourself and others and understand how to rectify these improving your wellbeing and mood.

  • Apply the practical steps given to strengthen your chakras as you are guided through your own cleansing and realignment of energy centres.

Section 3: Intuitive Energy Healing

  • Discover how to channel healing energy step by step,

  • Learn how to carry out a full hands-on healing session and channel healing energy remotely to others.

  • Strengthen your intuitive abilities for intuitive energy healing through two separate activations of the heart centre and the third eye.

  • Learn to 'sit in the power' for healing.

  • Enhance your current healing practice or feel confident in moving forward with a new one.

There will be two group practice sessions in Belfast at the end of the course in order for students to gain more

hands-on experience under supervision.  For those living outside Belfast or Northern Ireland this will be carried out via zoom.  If you are joining via zoom from outside Belfast you will be required to bring a model on cam for practice purposes.



Instalment plans available 

Following conclusion of this course a certificate of completion will be issued 

Please contact via website or Facebook


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