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Hi, I'm Aoibhinn and I'm a qualified massage therapist, advanced metaphysical healer, evidential medium, shamanic practitioner, spiritual mentor, energy healing teacher, and Indian head massage teacher.

I took my first professional qualifications in anatomy, physiology & massage in 2005. In addition, I began my spiritual trainings nearly 30 years ago under the watchful eye of an Irish shaman, a native American Cherokee Elder, and a variety of teachers and spiritual directors.  I am trained in various therapies that may help you such as Indian head massage, Swedish massage, Reiki, Belvaspata, Vortex healing, Tarot, and Mediumship.  I am also the founder of Quantum Light Pod Healing (QLPH).  I see clients both online and in-person and encourage the development and growth of others through my courses and workshops for beginner and advanced energetics and energy healing practitioners.  My experience is wide and varied and my passion is to assist, share, teach and support.

If you need a positive and caring Holistic Therapist please do not hesitate to contact me.  I am happy to assist with restoring your vitality or motivating positive change to take place in your life.

Swedish Massage
Deep Pressure Massage
Indian Head Massage
Quantum Light Pod Healing 
Back, Neck & Head Massage
Half & Half - Massage & Reiki

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